Friday, January 19, 2018

Grading New York’s Harbors

Grading New York’s Harbors

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  Many people first listen to the forecast of a hurricane or another destructive force of nature with a certain detachment. Though early forecasts are a call to action, it’s easy to be apathetic. When the event is days or a week away, rising water levels, flooding, catastrophic heat, or devastating cold just doesn’t feel […]

Accident Avoidance

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A recent BoatUS study on collisions at sea noted that most accidents happen for three reasons: (1) inattention (the U.S. Coast Guard calls that “situational awareness”), (2) blind spots (“failure to keep a good look-out” in USCG-speak), and (3) speed (which everyone recognizes as dangerous). Inattention may be failing to heed the weather. You go […]