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Editor’s Letter

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Happy New Year!

Are you ready to become new and improved, or are you just looking for some down time to catch your breath and feel refreshed? This month can offer you both if you’re open to it.

Resolution “experts” all seem to agree that making lofty, pie-in-the-sky resolutions are likely to result in quick plummets back to reality. However, small, incremental adjustments in actions or attitudes seem to have long-term effects, so maybe you’ll try my 10-minute rule. Name a goal such as “get fitter” and pick an activity that will help, such as walking. Assign it just 10 minutes a day and promise yourself you’ll move on to another activity if walking doesn’t float your boat. Now head down your driveway, around a local track, or along the beach. Keep going if you don’t hate it, but stop after 10 minutes if you do, and apply the limit to swimming, tai chi, or some other activity.

The 10-minute rule works for overeating (wait 10 minutes before taking a second helping), getting more sleep (go to bed 10 minutes early), retail therapy (leave any store you enter within 10 minutes), nagging (refrain from saying a negative word for 10 minutes after any interaction), and avoiding fast food (research recipes that take just 10 minutes to prepare). Set your timer to 10 minutes and read a book you’d never consider, call a relative, straighten a closet, or toss away papers. Almost anything is achievable if you can just devote 10 out of the 1,440 minutes allotted to us each day.

If you’re new to Boating Times, give us 10 minutes. Read our stories about the boating lifestyle, safety, and wellness. We won’t guarantee to change your world, but we will make it better.

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