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Editor’s Letter

October 31, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

I am at my happiest when the temperature is 80 degrees or higher, but as that ship has sailed for 2017, I’m thinking about a new approach to November. I guess I might as well join in the pumpkin buzz and embrace the frostiness as everyone else does.

Do you have any advice to share to bolster my new November attitude? What is it about this month that appeals to you — is it the nip in the air or the zip in your step while singing seasonal songs? Do you enjoy the vast array of twinkling lights or the returning sights of seals and whales? Where does your spirit soar — at the beach listening to the ocean’s roar or at parties with friends far ashore?

In Scandinavian countries, this time of year is happily welcomed by cold weather pros who practice hygge. That’s a Danish word that relates to the many ways of getting your cozy on. By cuddling in comfy fabrics and drinking warming brews by the glow of a fire (or dozens of candles), chilly weather doesn’t drive friends and family to huddle and commiserate. Instead, they pull on their warmest socks, bake buns and cakes, and celebrate.

Bear with me. I’ll still be a work in progress as the cold settles in, but I look forward to hearing what gives you joy in November. In the meantime, pass that cake!

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