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Float Your Boat Science Projects

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Are you looking for a science project that isn’t same old, same old? Or do you enjoy boating so much you’d even focus on science when school’s out? We found four ideas that involve water but aren’t all wet. Check the links for full directions, get both your parent’s permission and help to stay safe, and craft these boat projects!


  • How Much Weight Can Your Boat Float?

With foil, tape, a ruler, a sink or tub, water, and pennies, you’ll experiment with how much weight differently shaped boats can hold.


  • Rocking the Boat

No one ever wants to get sea sick, so boat construction can help avoid that. Your mission is to design bilge keels out of soda bottles to keep a boat from rocking too much.


  • Rubber Band Powered-Vessel

This project involves rubber bands and the kind of tin that holds mints like Altoids. ® Put it together, fill up the sunk or tub, and watch it go!


  • Submarine Science

This project lets you create a submarine of sorts of out a soda bottle, and then test how it dives down and floats back up.


  •  Soap Power

Is it possible to make a boat go with the soap that cleans your dishes?



If none of these ideas puts the wind in your sails, here are some other sites that may inspire you:





Soap Boat:


By Hayley Mines


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