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Skipper’s Pub

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Skippers pasta chicken sandwichWhen this magazine started in 2007, Skipper’s Pub was our first review. Our review criteria then and now is that we feature only restaurants with docking (or close by an area offering transient space) and ones worth the trip to dock and dine.

Skipper’s location hasn’t changed — it’s still across from Northport’s tranquil harbor. The village dock offers transient space on a first-come basis, Seymour’s Boatyard has transient moorings, and Britannia Yacht Club has transient docks. The first two are close to the restaurant, and Britannia is a bit of a (calorie- burning) walk.

In our initial review, I wrote, “Walk to your right and a lively bar scene awaits. Walk to your left and an inviting nautical-themed dining area welcomes you with its scenic murals and ample seating.” The lively and sea-centric inside scenery, bar, and seating all still appeal, though sitting at outside tables is fun for people (and dog) watching. Some diners even bring their dogs along.

Skipper’s kitchen still makes this an enjoyable place for a boatload of hungry boaters with assorted appetites. Start your meal with raw or baked clams, fried or Buffalo-style calamari, New England clam chowder, or Asian meatballs. Quesadillas are available with chicken and cheese or with brie and mango. I find the salsa with chips and hummus with pita (no feta) to be delicious vegan appetizers. Both are addictively delicious, although the menu declares only the salsa as “habit forming.”

Dinner-size salads, sandwiches, and nine kinds of burgers are available at Skipper’s, from a bacon cheeseburger to a portobello burger with Cajun mayo. Seafood lovers can opt for a classic such as fish and chips, a popular choice like mussels in lemon sauce or marinara over linguini, or a spicy entrée such as shrimp in chipotle adobo sauce. My dining companion enjoyed his chicken pesto on a flavorful rosemary focaccia, accompanied by crispy fries. I was attracted by the “spicy” designation of the Mediterranean pasta, and was rewarded with a brimming bowl of delicious rigatoni, garlic, olives, pepperoncini, and capers in a zesty marinara sauce (I omitted the melted jack cheese).

Before departing, a cappuccino and an Oreo cookie sundae may hit the spot. That is, unless you still have that salsa fixation you need to feed once more.

Skipper’s Pub

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