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Who Ya Calling Crabby?

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They scurry by on the shore and might pinch you if you get too close. But what else do you know about crabs?

  • Crabs are found in oceans, fresh water, and on land.
  • The pea crab is the teeniest known crab and the Japanese spider crab can spread its legs out to measure about 13 feet across.
  • crabCrabs are part of the same family, crustacean, as lobsters, shrimp, and barnacles.
  • These creatures don’t have backbones and their skeletons (shells) are on the outside for protection.
  • When they get too big for their shells, crabs shed them (molt).
  • While crabs mainly eat algae, they will also eat fellow crustaceans and worms.
  • Crabs are called decapods, meaning 10 legs, though the first two are actually claws.
  • Marine crabs use gills to breathe underwater; land crabs breathe air through lung-like cavities.
  • Crabs can move in any direction, but for speed, they walk (scuttle) sideways and swim the same way.
  • Though they don’t have voices that humans hear, crabs communicate by flapping, clacking, and drumming their claws and the pincers at the end of the claws.
  • Some critters we group with crabs are really not part of the same family. These outsiders include horseshoe and hermit crabs.
  • A group of crabs is a cast.
  • Crabs don’t have teeth inside their mouths, but some crabs do have teeth in their stomachs!

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