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Seven Relaxing Spots

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raft upSeaside festivals, events, concerts, sightseeing, and dining are all fantastic parts of boaters’ summer routines. However, when the urge to just drop anchor (or raft up) and unwind hits, most of us head to a special spot. If you’re in need of an exceptional spot to chill out, we have seven suggestions. They aren’t ranked, just arranged in alphabetical order. One request? Don’t tell anyone we sent you to their favorite spot— they wanted to keep it a secret!


NavTool_icon3Cedar Island Cove

The southeast part of Coecles Harbor is one of the protected areas around Gardiners Bay. On the east side of Shelter Island, this cove is easily accessible from East Hampton, Sag Harbor, and Greenport. The land forming the cove’s beach line is part of the Mashomack Preserve.

NavTool_icon3Fort Pond Bay

This destination offers a spectacular view of the bluffs and has an underwater attraction for snorkelers and divers. Located just west of Lake Montauk and east of Hither Hills State Park, the entrance to the bay is just opposite Gardiners Island in Napeaque Bay. On the east side entrance to the bay is Culloden Point, where the H.M.S. Culloden, an English frigate that sank in 1871, sits just 150 feet off shore. Be careful — the deep water drops off quickly, so pay attention to depth and don’t get too close to the shore.

NavTool_icon3Hemlock Cove

This gem is the third cove east of Tobay Beach and just west of Cedar Beach Marina. It’s accessible through the New York State Boat Channel. The southeast corner provides a nice spot to drop anchor.

NavTool_icon3Pirates Cove

Located on the eastern most part of the entrance to Port Jefferson, it’s one of the most protected coves on the north shore. Surrounded by higher land, the cove is usually calm even if the Long Island Sound is a bit choppy.

NavTool_icon3Sand City

Just south of Eaton’s Neck is an area designated as West Beach, though locals refer to it as Sand City. It’s a thin beach just off Sand City Island and south of Hobart Beach and Price Bend at the northwest entrance to Northport Bay. It is a nice place to swim, relax, and take in the sights of Northport Bay (the curious can carefully explore the ruins of a long-closed sand mining facility).

NavTool_icon3West Harbor

One of the most protected bodies of water by Oyster Bay, West Harbor is in the northwest part of Oyster Bay Harbor, to the west side of Centre Island. Drop anchor, but before you drop off for a nap, take the time to enjoy your view of mansions and mega yachts.

NavTool_icon3Zachs Bay

This is an easy anchorage to reach from points east and west. Located just off the State Channel and east of Wantagh Parkway (where Sloop Channel meets the State Channel), the bay is well protected and usually very calm. Jones Beach Theater is in the northeast section of the bay — it’s a landmark, not usually a free listening site.





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