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Silly Sailing Superstitions!

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Ever since the first sailors stepped aboard a ship’s deck (always on the right foot), they have thought of the sea as a thing over which they had little control and even less understanding. To bolster their confidence, these seafarers built up a series of myths and superstitions over the centuries. They thought they were explaining the unexplainable and getting ahead of the sea’s spirits. Now we can smile at their delusions — but don’t laugh out loud, “just in case” those spirits are listening.

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Legend has it that in the 19th century the British Navy decided to prove old salts’ superstitions were nonsense by launching HMS Friday on a Friday with James Friday as the captain. While history books say the story is claptrap, maybe making it a myth is a cover-up for why the HMS Friday was never heard from again. What do you think?


By William C. Winslow


is Division 5 – Staff Officer Public Affairs, First District Southern Region, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, and a freelance writer for marine publications. His work has appeared in Sailing, Wooden Boat, and Good Old Boat; he is also the author of Cat Boat Tales.

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