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No More Slip Sliding Away!

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Have you ever lost any of your belongings while afloat or seen your cabin floor strewn with snacks? That rock-and-roll of the tides can sometimes send belongings sailing. Whether we’re talking cell phones or food bowls, we prefer items to stay where we put them. Therefore, I offer some seaworthy solutions to avoid slips when it comes to chips and dips.

Don’t Abide the Slide

Oops — the boat takes a turn and your beverage tumbler topples over. You can avoid future mess and annoyances with quick DIY projects. Use your creativity and a few inexpensive supplies to create non-slip surfaces.

  • coffee spillingSilicone caulk. You know the nubby surface on the bottom of your slipper socks? This is the same idea — so get your caulk gun ready for action! Make swirls, lines, and dots on the bottoms of your bowls, glassware, and other accessories with a non-toxic, low-odor caulk. Allow items enough time to cure so that they don’t adhere to other objects or surfaces.
  • Non-slip placemats. You can simply toss “grippy” placemats on the table and counters, but craftiness rules here. Trace your items, cut the placemats to the desired shapes, and then affix them to your things. As silicone won’t hold securely with traditional glue, use silicone adhesives or another specialty-bonding agent.
  • Velcro holsters. If you don’t mind a little fuzzy strip here and there, make a handy bit of hanging space anywhere you need it. Choose sticky-side Velcro that you attach where you want to hang things, and then wrap the other side of the Velcro around the objects. Velcro is also valuable under your galley table to hide a spare key or to store some rarely used small items.
  • Wing it. Keep some carabiner clips, bungees, suction cups, and rubber bands aboard. This way you’ll be able to secure things after their first flight so they won’t move again.

Augment Your Efforts

Once you’ve tackled the DIY projects, look for other resourceful ways to add nonslip effects to your boat. Consider these other handy helpers:

  • sandwichThe Gecko Grips. Originally designed to keep chefs’ cutting boards from sliding, these clever silicone strips add convenience to your galley. They also provide a flee-free surface for non-fixed electronics.
  • Anti-Slip Dashboard Mats. What’s good for the driver is good for the cruiser! Nonslip mats that allow you to toss your phone on your dashboard while driving translate well when you’re navigating waves.
  • Suction Cup Accessories. Suction cup tie-downs and caddies give you a secure place to stash things for safekeeping. Forget drilling holes into your fiberglass — rely on these to keep tarps, covers, lines, bags, and gear out of the way while underway. You can also find gear with built-in suction cups, like LED navigation lights, cup holders, and speakers.
  • SeaSucker Marine Accessories. These exceptionally strong stick-ons add convenience and stability. Put an end to rogue trash and recycling sliding about the deck and lock it down with a waste band (trash bag holder). Temporarily mount your tablets and electronics, and if you find yourself flying about the cabin, gain some leverage with a suction cup handgrip or handle!

Float, Don’t Sink

Don’t forget about valuables that can easily go overboard. Stock up on these and you’ll save the day:

  • Cork Key Rings. When you get aboard, attach everyone’s keys to floating key rings you buy or make yourself.
  • Floating Dry Bags. While some of the latest smart phones tout themselves as waterproof, do you really want to test the claim? Stash your phone inside a buoyant dry bag and add your cash as well.
  • Floating Coolers. This is a great solution to thirst while taking a quick dip or relaxing on a float. Buy a specially designed floating cooler or make your own with a plastic bin, a pool noodle, and some cord or rope.

Knowing you won’t be up a creek if your keys end up in the drink should enhance your boating day. So will not getting knocked in the noggin by airborne boat gear!

By Kathryn Van Druff


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