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Case’s Place

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Case's Place vegetables chicken sandwichThere’s no contest when it comes to what I like in a restaurant view. Give me boats and jet skis in Cutchogue Harbor and the Peconic Bay, throw in a view of Robins Island, and I’ll choose that every time over watching cars whiz by on a busy suburban thoroughfare.

Of course, the restaurant’s meal has to measure up to the view from its many windows and outdoor seating. That twofer of view plus taste is certainly the case at Case’s Place, a bright and refurbished eatery whose owners have historic ties to the area (details are on the restaurant’s website). You can tie up to the dock across the lawn — a fee is collected by the New Suffolk Waterfront Fund for preservation of this beautiful area.

Start your meal with the Case family recipe for red clam chowder or opt for a classic New England bowl. Perhaps you’d rather chill with clams or oysters served on the half shell, or raise the temperature with baked clams, fried calamari, grilled oysters, or little tacos. Caesar or mesclun salads are appealing on their own or topped by grilled chicken, shrimp, or the fish of the day.

The menu’s main courses are hearty fare: burgers, brats (including seafood sausage), seafood and chicken baskets, sandwiches, and the aforementioned feature fish of the day. There are briny lobster rolls, soft shell crab, and fishwiches as well as earthy Cubano, grilled chicken, and Reuben sandwiches. Many come with a choice of the family’s own take on potato salad or crispy French fries. My dining companion had the turkey burger; the man at the next table who’d zoomed to Case’s in his mega-speedboat raved to us about his Bimini burger made with fried scallops, Swiss cheese, and bacon bathed in tartar sauce.

There’s a grilled veggie sandwich and house-made veggie burger for vegetarians. As the bread contains eggs, according to our attentive server, vegans should opt for a generous side of tasty grilled vegetables and sweet potato wedges.

Desserts include a pie of the day, ice cream, and a Key Lime pie pop. That confection is double dipped in chocolate and frozen on a stick. You can’t top that — until you look back out at the picturesque views.


Case’s Place

650 First Street

New Suffolk






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