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Swim Smarts

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You may feel very comfortable being on a boat, but you’ll be a lot safer if you know how to swim.

We don’t want to scare you, but kids who take swimming lessons (and wear life jackets everywhere but the cabin) cut their risk of drowning.

While it’s great to have a parent or an older sibling share swim tips, it’s better to learn from a certified swim instructor so you meet Red Cross standards. Learn what colored beach flags mean, because the warnings towards the shore apply by your boat, too, if you are near the beach. As every moment counts when something goes wrong, kids who are old enough should also learn CPR. Kids jumping off a boat into the lake. Instagram effect.

You might be swimming correctly and still end up in an unexpected and dangerous situation. Or you may find yourself in the water after something goes wrong aboard. No matter what, call out for help loudly! Then try to keep calm and listen.

Here are some more tips for swimmers:

  • Don’t swim without telling someone on the boat you’re going in. Make sure someone aboard is watching you.
  • Never swim alone — buddies look out for each other!
  • Never dive into shallow water and don’t dive headfirst.
  • Watch for dangerous waves or water that is discolored, choppy, foamy, or filled with debris.
  • If a rip current catches you, swim parallel to the boat. Once free of the current, swim diagonally back to the boat.




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