Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Easy Maintenance

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Pros know ways to have an uninterrupted season. Sean Gilligan, service writer for Brewer Yacht Yards in Greenport, offers boaters these tips:

  1. Check your owner’s manuals for annual service recommendations and follow them. Regular quality maintenance is the surest way of preventing breakdowns.
  2. Hold off on filling your vessel’s water tanks. During warm weather, water left in tanks becomes a habitat for fungi and algae. The best plan of action is to fill your tanks the day before you intend to boat and then drain what remains when your trip is over. This keeps your tanks cleaner and has a flushing effect on freshwater lines.
  3. The difference between a good running engine and a series of breakdowns may come down to fuel. Only use quality marine diesel and gasoline in your boat. Marine fuel contains an additive that roadway fuels don’t have — it’s designed to promote fuel stability and long life in the marine environment. Do your research before you fill up, as not all waterfront fuel docks are selling marine fuel.



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