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Crazy Fish Bar & Gill

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Crazy FishRestaurant reviews aren’t supposed to be suspenseful, so I’ll tell you at the beginning that I enjoyed dining at Crazy Fish Bar & Gill. The food was tasty, the service was attentive, and the surroundings quite comfortable.

If the name of the eatery is to be believed, the fish may start out daft or zany. However, what emerges from the kitchen is sensibly flavorsome, with appetizers including a raw bar, Thai calamari, clams caliente, steamed mussels, fried oysters, lobster taco, and Buffalo shrimp (you can opt for chicken wings instead). Salads also boast seafood — the fried green tomatoes are replete with crab and avocado layers; shrimp, tuna, salmon (or chicken) can be added to the rainbow chopped or other salads.

Seafood also dominates the entrées but it doesn’t eclipse other offerings. Along with steamed, stuffed, or broiled lobster, seafood paella, pan roasted halibut, pastas with seafood, and a fish taco platter on the dinner menu, there’s grilled ribeye steak, marinated skirt steak (accompanied by lobster mac and cheese), braised beef short ribs, and a burger. My dining companion figured it would be loco not to order fish at Crazy Fish, so he selected the perfectly grilled swordfish topped by caponata, toasted pine nuts, and fried fennel, served over Yukon mashed potatoes.

While the restaurant didn’t have a vegan offering on the menu, the hostess assured me the chef was most accommodating. She was right — the platter served to me was overflowing with rice, avocado, that flavorsome caponata, roasted squash, spinach, and more items that would be great wrapped in flatbread. How perfect, then, that plenty of tortillas complemented my feast.

Desserts included an apple tarte, lemon sorbet, and a peanut butter confection that a nearby diner assured me “exploded with taste.”

Crazy Fish Bar & Gill is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. A visit here is a great addition to a boating day in Port Jefferson — it’s a short walk from Danfords, the Port Jefferson Yacht Club, and the town marina. When the weather is fine, sitting outside is lovely. You’re a bit removed from a water view, but the contents of your plate will keep you satisfied.

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Crazy Fish Bar & Gill

9 Trader’s Cove

Port Jefferson



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