Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Easy Maintenance

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A wet winter plus spring rains may equal a sunken boat. To thwart that result, visit your boat with our checklist in tow.

  • Look for drips, leaks, cracks, blisters, rips, and holes. Turn a hose on any spot that looks vulnerable. Repair or replace as necessary.
  • Check and replace dried-out caulking around hatches and ports.
  • Ensure thru-hull fittings are not corroded or cracked.
  • Check that engine coolant lines fit properly.
  • Examine all shafts and readjust the stuffing box packing if necessary.Tool-box
  • Make sure seacocks work properly and aren’t frozen open or shut.
  • Clean debris from the scuppers.
  • Be sure the drain plug is properly installed.
  • Confirm the intake strainer is secure and corrosion-free.
  • Replace all cracked or weak hoses for the head, air conditioning, muffler, and exhaust.
  • Check all thru-hull bolts, such as those securing the swim platform, speedometer, transducers, and struts.
  • Check the out-drive unit of an inboard/outboard for damage or leaks.
  • Before hooking into the dock’s fresh water system, ensure that fittings, clamps, and valves are tight and the hose isn’t dried out.

Don’t leave without hanging out your fenders — you don’t want your boat banging into the dock or other boats during spring storms. Make it a habit to visit regularly to re-secure the lines and test for dampness.


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