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Connetquot River

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By Jeanne Neville

Located just off of Nicolls Bay, the Connetquot River is lined with gorgeous foliage, homes, restaurants, and marinas. Its typical tranquility ranks it among the nicest south shore areas to drop anchor and spend the day.

Traveling to this south shore river can be a bit tricky, especially if the tide is slack and your boat draws more than four feet (like many south shore waterways, it is not deep). The river turns from salt to brackish and then to fresh water the further north you travel.

By Jane Kinsey

By Jane Kinsey

Entering the river from the west, you will see the former LaSalle Military Academy (now part of St. Johns University) and spot Hecksher State Park to the north. Follow the markers into the river, turn port, and stay to the right. You can travel past several marinas and drop anchor about a mile up river. Past that point, the safest boating is in an inflatable or paddlecraft — you can explore the entire river, including the Connetquot River State Park Preserve. See how many of the variety of bird and plant species you can spy from shore, and keep an eye out for the mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, and moth species living in the park’s over 3,400 acres.

After spending a day relaxing, swimming, or exploring, you may enjoy dining at the Snapper Inn or View, two restaurants along the shore. Both have transient space for diners.

By Jeanne Neville

By Jeanne Neville

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