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Wet & Witty

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wet and witty 1

Q: What kind of haircut does a cheap pirate captain get?

A: A crew cut!

Q:Where do fish sleep?

A: In waterbeds.

Q: What did the retired pirate become?

A: An arrrrrrrrrrrrtist.

father and son kayakingQ: What grades are most popular in schools of fish?

A: Anything below C.

Q: Where do pirates anchor?

A: In the harrrrrrbor.

Q: Who cleans up the ocean?

A: Mermaids.

Q: Who builds houses for pirates?

A: Arrrrrrrrchitects.

Q: Why are goldfish actually orange?

A: Water makes them rusty.

Q: How do pirates earn a living?

A: By hook or by crook.

Q:What is a polar bear’s favorite food?

A: Brrrrrrrrrrrritos.

Q: Would a fish chase a mouse?

A: It would if it’s a catfish!

Q: Can clams make phone calls?

A: Of course! They have shell phones.


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