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3 Brothers Vegan Cafe

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Wood-fired pizzas, plentiful plates of pasta, perfectly layered panini, decadent desserts. Did I peak your interest? If so, don’t be dismayed when I tell you all these flavorsome foods are vegan offerings at 3 Brothers Cafe..

The shopping center eatery is located a short walk from LaSala Boatyard (call 631- 842-3222 in advance for transient space). You walk past both the dessert display case and the wood oven, so you can’t be sure whether it’s the pizzas or the towering cakes that make your mouth water.

3 Brothers Vegan pizzaMany omnivores ask, “Why would I want pizza without cheese?” You don’t — you just want one topped with chef Jay Astafa’s in-house dairy-free cheeses, including cashew-based mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, ricotta, and bleu cheese, and feta from macadamia nuts.

We started with cheesy polenta fries dipped in ketchup and spanakopita as delicious as I remember from my dairy-eating youth. Between bites, the four of us — a vegan, a vegetarian, a plant-based-eater, and a committed carnivore — debated over pizza, pastas, or other delicious entrées. As the friendly wait staff walked past us in the attractive dining room, we’d be distracted by plates destined for other diners.

Two of us chose pizzas — a grandma and an eggplant parmesan. A third diner went for the fettucine Alfredo (a gluten-free pasta is available). I’m an unabashed fan of the macaroni and cheese made at 3 Brothers’ other location, where the menu is half-vegan, half-not. However, I opted for something new. The roasted cauliflower steak with kale and salsa verde did not disappoint!

The delicious desserts enjoy equal billing with entrées. The chocolate grasshopper cake, tiramisu, carrot cake, and caramel apple cheesecake were appealing to both our eyes and delighted palates. The non-veg person at our table remarked, “I’d eat this over something made with eggs and butter.”

The approximately one million vegans in the U.S. are used to being the afterthought of most restaurateurs. When we travel to an eatery with others, we hope there’s something plant-based on the menu so we don’t need explain what ingredients we want to leave out and why. Being able to avoid menu unease and enjoy a scrumptious meal is why I’ll repeat the treat of dining at 3 Brothers Vegan Cafe.

3 Brothers Vegan Cafe

1038 Montauk Highway



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