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A Water-Filled World

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If the person who named our planet Earth was being accurate, it would have a name that reflects how over 70 percent of the planet is water. What would you call it — Ocean, Liquid, Aqua, Water, or maybe Moisture? I’d probably go with the first choice, as most of all water on our planet is contained in our oceans.

Have you studied oceans in school? When I was little, there were four major oceans, but now there are five recognized by the United States: the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Southern Oceans.

The largest ocean is the Pacific, covering about 30 percent of the globe. The Atlantic covers over 20 percent, so that means more than half of the world is taken over by these two oceans alone.

Our Ocean graphic courtesy NOAA

Since so much of the oceans have not been explored yet, it’s not known how many creatures are actually living there. Many ocean scientists say life forms in the oceans may number from one to nine million different kinds of critters. And when it comes to scientists studying the sea, there are also many kinds. If you love the field, you might grow up to become a marine biologist, a hydrologist, a marine geologist, an oceanographer, or a scientist specializing in paleoceanography. There are many more ocean-related science careers I didn’t list, and likely, there are specialty fields that haven’t even been invented!

When you visit the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Climate Kids’ page, you can learn lots about oceans. For instance, the average depth of an ocean is 2.7 miles, and there are places around the world where the ocean depth is greater than the tallest mountains.

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