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Kimi Sushi & Grill

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Kimi Japanese foodAs a restaurant reviewer, people often ask me, “Where’s a nice place to eat when we boat to [harbor]? I now have another answer for visitors to Port Jefferson — Kimi Sushi & Grill.

This harborside village has a boatload of dining establishments within walking distance of the transient spaces at Danfords, the Port Jefferson Yacht Club, and the town marina. What makes Kimi an attraction is the pleasing food and pleasant service. The cozy and warm eatery is reminiscent of other Japanese dining establishments, so once you step inside you feel as if you’re in a welcoming place.

The sushi bar is well lit if you appreciate sitting alongside and watching the skillful chef’s preparation, or there’s comfortable seating in booths and tables. Start your meal with a soup, such as miso or a seafood soup for two, or an avocado or sashimi salad, one of seven salads offered. I always like to start with edamame, but this time I added vegetable spring rolls. The edamame were just salty enough and the spring rolls crisped to perfection. Other appetizers include a “money bag” — four pieces of crispy fried crabmeat, cream cheese, and onion; steamed or pan fried dumplings; beef negamaki; and lightly fried rock shrimp served with spicy sauce.

My dining companion’s favorite Japanese entrée is chicken teriyaki. He thoroughly enjoyed Kimi’s grilled poultry over a bed of onions. Along with teriyaki presentations, the kitchen sends out tempura, fried rice, udon, lo mein, and bento boxes, all with choices of chicken, beef, vegetable, or seafood.

I turned to the extensive sushi and sashimi offerings. There are plenty of raw and cooked seafood creations, ranging from the imaginative “Sexy Jalapeno” (fried spicy salmon, cream cheese, and jalapeno) and festive Chanukah roll (tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and avocado wrapped with cucumber), to the routine but pristine California roll, spider roll, and shitake mushroom roll. As most sushi places I’ve visited reserve dragon rolls for fish lovers, I was excited to spot a vegetable dragon roll on the menu. The asparagus, sweet potato, and kampyo (a gourd) were artfully wrapped with avocado, making an eye-pleasing and palate-satisfying dish.

Desserts include ice cream, fried or not, and a fried cheesecake. How nice does that sound?

Kimi Sushi & Grill

115 Main Street

Port Jefferson



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