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Fishers Island

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Though closer to Connecticut, Fishers Island is part of the Town of Southold in New York. The island is home to residents with long-term roots and those seeking a secluded retreat. Despite much of it being private, visiting boaters can enjoy a portion of the seven-mile-long, one-mile-wide island’s beauty and serenity.

The trip requires skill to navigate the Long Island Sound as you pass by the island’s north and south shores. There are shallows and rocks throughout The Race, which starts west and runs south of the island. Tidal currents and opposing winds may create additional treacherous conditions in this area (the chop is worse in a strong easterly or westerly wind, so proceed cautiously).

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An island with about as many churches as places to dine, this destination’s real attractions is its quiet elegance, clear water snorkeling, and beautiful beaches. You may rent bicycles in town to ride in public areas. Visit the Henry L. Ferguson Museum — its three main galleries feature Fishers Island-related archaeology, natural history, and history.

A Southold-designated historical landmark, Race Rock Light stands southwest of Fishers Island on Race Rock Reef. Gaze from afar and don’t approach the reef — there’s usually a strong current, and before the lighthouse was built in the 1870s, multiple ships wrecked on the rocks.

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