Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Editor’s Letter

March 1, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

March 2017 cover jpegShould we consider March a month to celebrate or overlook? It does usher in the seedlings of spring, but March seemingly specializes in something else — dreary days. Days may get lighter towards month’s end, but they certainly don’t get bright enough fast enough for me.

The best way to speed up the brightening is to scrub winter’s grime from every nook and crevice. Think of it as a spring-cleaning for ourselves! Dust off that boat supply shopping list, polish your skills with a basic or refresher safety course, clear away the doldrums by making plans for the season’s boating events with friends and family, and swipe away the general mental and physical cobwebs that accumulate after a season of semi-hibernation.

Every day of our lives, we alert our bodies and our brains that we’re starting another morning with a clean slate and a tidy attitude. We stretch upon awakening and clear the fogginess from our eyes. Let’s use the month of March to do the same for our boating lifestyle — awaken our dormant sea legs, add some sheen to our nautical minds and plans, and plug up whatever kinds of holes left us high and dry last year.

I may have used some task-like words here, but don’t think of my March kind of cleaning as a chore. What’s more pleasurable and less tedious than getting ready for the upcoming boating season?

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