Monday, October 23, 2017

Easy Maintenance

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Tool-boxEven if you’re not doing work on your boat yet, now is the time most marine supply stores start promoting early spring sales. That makes this a great time to stock up on what you’ll need to get your boat in shape before launching it.

Consult your list and then start shopping. It’s really that easy, unless you never made an off-season “to do” list. If that’s the case, hop aboard your boat (if you can) and start noting what needs repairing, replacing, and sprucing up. Include routine maintenance items such as oil, filters, antifreeze, batteries, and cables. Did you lose any bumpers? In what condition has the weather left your dock and anchor lines?

Contemplate changes since last season, such as a child who has outgrown his or her life jacket or a new dog coming aboard. Examine inflatable life jackets to ensure that the cylinder is good — in automatic inflatables, the aspirin-like tablet that dissolves upon hitting water should be replaced each year.

Is there a piece of equipment or an upgrade that will make your boating experience easier or more pleasurable? Add it to the list and go shopping for pre-season deals!


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