Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Editor’s Letter

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btli feb 2017 cover pngDespite the stresses in our everyday world, living the boating lifestyle affords opportunities to escape. Once the dock fades from view, I enjoy a vacation from life’s big and small burdens. As family and friends laugh on the boat, gentle waves, sunshine, and sea creatures distract and soothe.

The recipe for short-term relaxation is simple: Take your tensions, mix them with water, and watch them dissolve. Bigger pressures respond well, too — after repeatedly letting water flow over the sharpest of anxieties, you’ll feel the edges smooth a bit.

This magazine focuses on enhancing boating, aka life’s bright spots. Our pages and website burst with fun activities, tasty dining, and ways to both stay safe and let go. Our experienced writers share tips on avoiding mishaps, preventing rip-offs, and preserving our waterways.

This issue is a roundup of some of my favorite stories from the past year. It’s a great way to catch up on stories you may have missed or learn what Boating Times is all about.

If you are reading our magazine for the first time because you’re debating whether the boating lifestyle is for you, go for it! Whether it’s troublesome news or cats who chew, meddling in-laws or condo bylaws, customer woes or co-worker foes, everything is better when you get wetter! (Alternatively, when your boat gets wetter. I like to keep my hair dry.)

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