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Make Summer Better in Winter

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Boating season is in the future, so what can you possibly do to make it more fun now? Plenty!

No matter how comfortable you feel on a boat, it is never smart to head out without knowing how to swim. We don’t mean practicing the doggie paddle in the hot tub — every kid should have formal swimming lessons.

Life JacketsWhile it’s great to have a parent or an older sibling show you what to do while you’re in your pool or off the side of your boat, it’s better to have a certified swim instructor teach you to meet Red Cross standards. This way, you’ll know what to do if you find yourself in the water without a helping hand nearby.

The off-season is perfect for learning to swim. You’ll develop skills before you head out on the boat and you’ll enjoy the water no matter the weather.

Once you learn to swim, you still need to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket that’s appropriate for your water activity. Now’s a great time to go shopping — there are boat show sales and pre-season shopping at many stores. Be cooperative when you get to the store — adults need some time to find your right size. Try on different styles and be patient as the jacket is adjusted and fastened. Hold your arms up over your head and let your parent or salesperson tug upwards gently from the tops of the arm openings. If it slips up, rubs you wrong, or keeps you from walking properly, it’s definitely not the right jacket for you.

Remind your parent to keep the receipt for the life jacket you buy — if you grow a lot before boating begins, they’ll want to exchange the jacket for a bigger size.

Learning to swim and wearing a life jacket reduces your risk of drowning by about half. Isn’t that a great use of your off-season time?


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