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Spring Fashion Trends

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The time for spring-cleaning is here, so make room for your new fabulous finds from spring’s biggest trends. Fashion designers have placed great emphasis on every facet of color, texture, pattern and shine — the four foundations to any good wardrobe.

Like many things in life, fashion is cyclical; what was once old becomes new, but with modern twists. For several seasons, we have seen design trends that were heavily influenced by the styles of the 70s and 80s.  This spring, it’s all about the 90s, but I don’t just mean the 1990s. While the flat mules and silky camisoles give a nod to the end of the 20th century, spring 2016’s flouncy fabrics and delicate lace looks are reminiscent of the 1890s.

Color is everywhere this season. Runways looked like flower gardens with beautiful reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks dominating designers’ choices. Wearing these colors instantly brightens your mood and your complexion. Bright colors pop against the sultry beauty of darker skin tones and reds bring out the porcelain hues of fair skin if you’re mindful with the undertone of the color. For example, if you have red undertones to begin with (I’m talking to you, ginger-haired gals), wear a red that has blue undertones for contrast or your skin will end up looking akin to a lobster.

Designers also featured an absence of color. That tired old white shirt in your closet has gotten a fancy makeover, and it is fierce! The shirt-dress has gone from sloppy to structured in a crisp white fabric that makes it a chic spring choice, and I love the look of a pair of skinny white jeans with a colorful top and metallic sandals.

Patterns for spring are big, bold, and beautiful; from floral prints to grand geometric design, there is no such thing as an understatement this season. The rule of thumb with patterns is that proportion is key — they should not overwhelm your frame or your outfit.  Keep it simple and go bold with just one patterned piece of your outfit. All-over pattern has its place on a dress where the fit and flow of it lets you get away with a head to toe pattern.

Texture has a strong presence for spring.  Ruffles, pleats, fringe, and lace are everywhere, as Victorian-themed clothing (think full sleeves, high necklines, and ruffles) has made a comeback in trendy clothes aimed mostly for younger women. Soft, feminine pleats have replaced the accordion style but still bring a polished touch to skirts and pants.  Reminiscent of the ultra-feminine style of the 1950s, skirt lengths have grown longer (below the knee, à la the midis of the 1970s) and the fabrics softer.

Off-the-shoulder designs have been revamped. From traditional off-the-shoulder dresses to visually interesting cutouts and halter styles, there are many chic and sexy styles. My favorite dress when I was a child was an off-the-shoulder red and white dress with ruffles that my parents brought me back from Mexico. It was made of a light crepe fabric that I wore everywhere. Needless to say, I am thrilled that Spanish-inspired dresses have made their way back into the fashion world. Combining airy fabrics with rich color and bold patterns, the dresses I have seen this season are simply perfection.

When it comes to shine, I prefer to stick to accessories rather than clothing.  Sparkly shoes, bracelets, bags, and jewels help liven any outfit. But for the truly bold and fashion forward, there are faux-leather metallic pants (I personally prefer to limit the amount of strictly “trend-based” wardrobe pieces in my closet, as once a trend goes out of style, that item usually ends up sitting in the back of your closet).

Comfort reigned on the runways and footwear was no exception as 1990s-style chunky heels and flat mules make a huge comeback.  Overall, this season has been full of trends that feel like old “Friends(pun totally intended) mixed in with some new favorites that will allow you to revitalize your wardrobe for the new season.

by Raven Peterson


was born and raised in Port Jefferson. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States in search of new adventures and culinary delights. Her three favorite things in life are friends, food, and fashion.

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