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Keep on Glowing

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Though summer’s sun faded months ago, keeping your skin glowing makes the separation seem less distant.

Skin that’s healthy and hydrated is the basis for a beautiful glow. It’s important to thoroughly cleanse your skin every evening to wash off the day’s makeup, sunscreen, sweat, and environmental debris that settle on your face. Wash it again the next morning to keep your pores clean, banish blemishes, and jump start your day’s bright look.

Along with your regular face cleansing routine, exfoliation is also important. Jenna Menard, a celebrity and runway makeup artist based in New York City, recommends exfoliating every other day or once a week, depending on skin type. “Exfoliating regularly will help keep your skin its freshest,” says Menard.

Just as a painter starts with a fresh canvas, your skin should be clean and primed before you start adding color. Achieving a dewy, healthy, sun-kissed glow needs both clean and moisturized skin. Moisturizer should be applied both in the morning and at night, with different formulations and purposes depending on the time of day. As UVA rays lead to short-term burning and UVB rays slowly and methodically cause aging, daytime moisturizers must have an SPF of at least 35 and protect from UVA and UVB rays; nighttime moisturizers should focus on repairing and protecting skin.

keep on glowing 2A new-ish trend is applying moisturizer with a hint of tint when a heavy foundation makes you look or feel too made-up. There’s a growing alphabet of products to choose from — BB (Beauty Balm), CC (Color Correcting) and new DD (Double-Duty) creams. Drugstore brands like Olay, Aveno, and Neutrogena have been doing this for some time, and many major makeup companies are also offering their own versions. These tinted creams are lighter and more natural-looking than foundation and provide coverage along with added benefits like SPF and antioxidants.

A great foundation is your best asset, so whether you use a combo product or separate moisturizer and foundation, be sure to use something that complements your current skin tone. “Tanned skin can be created simply by using a foundation that is close or one shade darker than the skin,” says Menard.

When applying foundation or tint, don’t forget your neck. A natural summer glow just isn’t believable when your neck is sporting a decidedly paler hue, so use a damp beauty sponge to blend your foundation color through your neck.

Bronzer is the key to making your look summery. It doesn’t just add color — it warms up the areas that get more naturally sun-kissed.  When you’re choosing where to apply bronzer, consider where the sun hits when you get a natural tan and dust bronzer on those areas, including the hairline, the top of the nose, and the apples of your cheeks.  Still unsure? Take a minute to gaze into the mirror and notice where your face appears darker. This is where you should apply bronzer!

Makeup artists apply bronzer using a big, soft brush that they swipe in the shape of the number three — above the eyebrow, in towards the cheekbone, and back out and around the jawline. They add a little exclamation point down the nose and on the chin, then they repeat on the other side in the shape of the letter E, blending the bronzer better down the neck.

Once you’re glowing, why not add a pop of color? “I love bright colors with bronzed skin!” says Menard. “Like teal eyeliner, neon nails and colored mascara — not all together, of course. Pick one color in the moment and run with it!” When it comes to lipstick, Menard likes a matte orange-red or a sheer natural pink tone. Or you can apply a little gloss to add a healthy shine to lips to radiate warmth.

White eyeliner, applied in the inside crease of your eyes (by your tear ducts), makes your eyes appear to be set wider. This tip intensifies your highlighted glow and has the added benefit of making you look younger, too!

By Cara J. Stevens


is a Long Island native now living across the bay in Connecticut. She writes about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, hair care and health and has written nine books for children. More info at and @ATFMCara on Twitter.

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