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Lock In Good Locks

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Great locks of hairAs summer is just around the corner, we’re looking to enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about stressed-out tresses.It’s important to keep hair in shape and protected when the sun shines bright and the humidity is cranked high on the frizz-meter.

Many women desire lighter hair colors now, perhaps to shake off winter memories. Others desire sleeker hair and choose to have a keratin anti-frizz straightening treatment at the start of summer. Some decide to do the keratin treatment and Great locks of hairacolor on the same day; if not, you will have to wait around two weeks after coloring, depending on the brand of keratin your hairstylist uses. When going from darker to lighter hues, it’s best to protect the hair from within the cuticle.At Maximus Spa and Salon, we use Kerastase Pixelist as a pre-chemical treatment to fortify hair strands. Depending on what your hair needs — moisturizing or repair— each vial of treatment can be tailored with a supplemental booster. It is a really luxurious and proven way to prepare your hair for a color change.

To maintain that fresh color, I recommend the shampoo and conditioner combination of Kerastase Bain Apres-Soleil and Lait Richesse,specifically developed to protect hair against sun, wind, and chlorine. It strengthens hair strands while moisturizing. Huile Celeste, also by Kerastase, is a leave-in conditioner spray; I like to tell my clients it’s sunscreen for hair, as it has UVA-UVB protection and is key for summer days out at sea.

Humidity is the mortal enemy of a perfect hair day, directly affecting how frizzy and curly your hair gets. The keratin protein found in each hair strand can be reshaped to become straight, but moisture in the air will undo all of that hard work. That is why many women avoid getting a blow dry at the hair salon because they think it will be a waste a time and money. This is actually not true, as using the correct products before and after a blowout can prevent humidity from turning hair into a giant puff ball. One product is Bumble and bumble’sBb defrizz serum, which can be applied before, during, and after styling. It’s a great product for anyone with wavy or curly hair, and it can also be used as a leave-in product if you want to sport your natural curl.

L’Oreal Paris Ever Sleek Humidity Defying Leave-In Crème is sulfate-free, and can be used before blow drying if you have had a straightening treatment and must avoid products that contain sulfates. Unlike many inexpensive pharmacy brands,this Crème does not contain silicone, which tends to clog pores as it brushes against your face and forehead and contributes to breakouts.Besides keeping your hair sleeker and your skin clearer, this product works for 48 hours.

Great locks of hairabgI find that higher-end hair products work best for hair; I recommend locking in style and keeping out moisture with Oribe’s Impermeable Anti-Humidity spray.However, if you are looking for a less expensive, yet decent pharmacy brand hairspray, try Garnier Fructis Climate Control Anti-Humidity hairspray. It does a good job keeping hair frizz-free all day.

If your hair “misbehaves” in the summer, ask your trusted hairstylist or reputable salon to recommend a good straightening treatment. Ask questions to find out what treatments best suit your hair needs as well as fit Great locks of hairabwithin your budget. Many salons offer Keratin and Brazilian straightening treatments for a low price, but may not take into consideration the strength of the product they are using. Using a strong treatment or applying product with a heavy hand on finer, frizzy hair can leave hair feeling gritty and looking dull. Have a consultation with your hair stylist and ask specific questions before you book your straightening treatment or other hair-care appointment, so you can look your best regardless of the summer’s heat.


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