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Back to School, On to Boating

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Kids may generally not embrace the beginning of school, but you’ll spot more than a few parents dancing and singing the chorus of “Happy” while waving goodbye at the bus stop. Most of those parents promptly return to their normal routines, though some of them race to get to their boats.

We asked readers a simple question, “Do you boat weekdays while the kids are in school?” and received some very affirmative answers! Apparently, the departure of school kids in September is the signal for parents to head to their boats during weekday hours. It’s not that parents don’t love their kids and treasure all that summer family time. It’s just that sometimes adults like their own versions of time out, as the responses to our question show.

Karen:  By the time school starts, I am so over picking up a dozen or more empty juice boxes and carting home a ton of wet towels. My husband and I just jump in the car — we don’t bring a thing with us! We get sandwiches at the deli and then spend four hours alone on the boat. Alone. 

Lou:  I save three vacation days for after school starts, and we go boating without our kids. It’s not the same, but it’s quiet. And my wife and I can reconnect. 

Joanne:We enjoy using our kayak in September. It only fits two, so we use it when the kids are in school. 

Anne:  Yes, boating after school starts is just what the doctor ordered! There’s no sister-poking or blaming stuff on each other, and I don’t have to discuss five different lunch choices. We actually don’t have to bring much stuff at all. 

José:  We do sometimes boat in September without the kids. We work it out so we are both off, and we just float around and do nothing. It’s nice. 

George: September is a beautiful time to boat, and weekdays after Labor Day mean there’s no crowds and no kids. None of ours, and none of anyone else’s teenagers. 

Jimmy:  We have a five-year-old and a seven-year-old. This is the first year they will both be in school all day, so my wife and I will have a chance to have fun alone on the boat. We have talked about it for eight years! 

Heather: Yes, we try to use the boat in September once the kids go back to school. We don’t schedule days off because we don’t want to waste them if the weather is bad, but we’ll take extended lunch hours (we have nice bosses) and do a quick run to a restaurant in Freeport or bring some food and just lay on the deck to enjoy all the quiet. 

Jae: I love September! We have family fun on the weekends, but that’s all about planning and bringing supplies. On a Thursday or Friday, we just drive the kids to school and go wherever we feel like on the boat until 2:00 pm. Sometimes we go nowhere and we still call that a good day!

Ann: The best day we had last year was a sunny 75 degree weekday in September. No bags, no snacks, no chargers, no music. We just picked up bagels and read trashy novels. It’s about as inexpensive a way to take a vacation as I can imagine and you know it was just as relaxing (actually, probably more) than taking the train into the city or battling LIE traffic. What’s better than cheap and relaxing? 

Bob:  Thanks for the good idea! Now we will certainly go boating without the kids in September!

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