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Don’t Transport Hitchhikers!

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Don’t Transport Hitchhikers!

Though many boaters visit the same body of water every time, others take their trailered boats and PWCs from shore to shore and off-island. This makes it possible to spread harmful “aquatic hitchhikers,” which both pose environmental dangers and damage engines or jam steering. These unwelcome invaders may also potentially render waterways off-limits to pleasure craft.

As some of these organisms may be tiny or even microscopic larvae, the average boater may never spot the culprits. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the “Campaign to Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers” (www.protectyourwaters.net) has issued general guidelines that boaters should follow before they travel from one waterway to the next (don’t wait until you get home; follow these steps as soon as you leave the water).

  • Remove all visible mud, plants, fish and animals (even fragments) from your vessel, anchor, equipment, trailer, and everything else that was in the water.
  • Eliminate water from motors, jet drives, hulls, floats/tubes, paddlecraft, scuba gear, and all other equipment.
  • Clean and dry everything that came in contact with the water, including felt-soled waders, swimsuits and other clothing. Hot water is recommended; anything that cannot be exposed to hot water should be dipped into 100% vinegar for 20 minutes, soaked in a 1 % table salt solution for 24 hours, or cleaned with a high-pressure water spray.
  • Did Rover take a swim? Rover needs a warm bath!
  • Dry everything, and whenever possible, wait a minimum of five days before entering new waters.

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