Monday, January 22, 2018

Mind Your Ps & Qs At The Ramp

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Before launching:

  • Make sure all gear is properly stowed, tie downs are removed, drain plug is inserted and trailer lights are unhooked before entering ramp area (leave winch line attached until ready to launch)
  • Sailboats should have mast stepped up
  • Never create your own launch area; use designated area only
  • When it’s your turn, launch as soon as prior craft clears area and wind and water conditions allow
  • Park trailer properly
  • Follow traffic flow

When returning:

  • Retrieve in designated areas only
  • Winch the boat onto the trailer and once secured, move up and away from waiting boats
  • Sailboats: unstep mast in parking area
  • Securing boat for travel should be done in parking area
  • Wash down in designated areas; never get soapy water on ramp
  • Pump out head or empty bilge only if facilities are provided
  • Dispose of trash and recyclables properly


  • Offer assistance if a fellow boater is struggling

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