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Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring Cleaning Tips
Tony Sgueglia Sr. And Anthony Sgueglia Jr.

When warm weather arrives, boaters are anxious to get their boats cleaned and ready to go. But many don’t know that the proper products and techniques will speed up their efforts and may even save them money.

Start with a sharp razor blade for cutting your shrink wrap and a ladder to get around the high places.

Don’t damage any of your electronic antennas in your haste to rip off the shrink wrap and start cleaning!

For washing and waxing your boat, a hose and bucket, boat soap and good waxes are essential, along with glass cleaner, a hand brush, flat cleaning pad, and lint free soft towels. I recommend using Orpine Wash and Wax boat soap to clean generally; in preparing your fiberglass hull for detailing, I like to apply Mary-Kate On and Off with either a brush or a rag (use gloves and a mask because this product is acidic). This product also cleans algae, rust and exhaust stains on your hull.

For efficiency and speed, purchase a one step compound- wax-polish, then start applying on the starboard bow with a brush or applicator pad in 2’by 2’ sections; remove with a terry cloth rag. If you want to use a separate wax such as 3M, Starbrite with the PTF, or Colinite, begin at the starboard bow and wax 2’ by 2’ sections in a circular motion, using a clean applicator pad. Wipe off while the wax is still moist using a terry cloth rag, and when section is done, go over it with a big towel to get off any leftover residue (if using a polish buffer machine, keep it on low speed to avoid marking up the hull). I start on the upper structure when the hull is completely done, beginning on the starboard bow and working my way back to the stern.

For detailing and polishing up metals I like to rub Flitz on railings with applicator pads and remove with a terry cloth rag (this product is also good to use on all aluminum pipes, metal sinks, boat cleats and steering wheels). For izenglass use a marine product glass canvas cleaner such as Plexo, 3M or West Marine’s brand and remove it using a clean soft cloth—never use paper towels on your canvas glass because it can scratch! When cleaning vinyl seats use soap, water, and a hand brush (stubborn jobs may need a marine vinyl cleaner).Wash your non-skid deck with boat soap and a product called Non-Skid Deck Detailing. If you can’t get the deck clean try a house cleaner such as Soft Scrub With Bleach. Use very little and scrub the mark with a good hand brush.

Once the deck is spotless, hose it off thoroughly and dry it using a chamois. Now you can have a good time on the water, hanging out on your sparkling clean boat!

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